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  • Your Home Plumbing System

    26 June at 14:21 from atlas

    Your home plumbing system is always something to take seriously. Our expert plumbers are ready to come by your house any time and any day.
    So what is a residential plumbing system comprised of?
    Your home has two separate plumbing systems running through it. The first brings fresh water into your house. As it is pressurized, the water can reach every floor and every corner of the building. Concurrently, wastewater is removed from your house through the drainage system. The latter is comprised of three elements - drain, waste and vent - and is therefore also referred to as the DWV system.
    Apart from the downward sloping pipes which carry the wastewater away from your house, vents protruding from the roof admit air into the drainpipes, thereby ensuring the proper flow of wastewater. An additional feature known as trap, which is the curved section of the drainpipe attached to every fixture, prevents sewer gases and unpleasant odors from permeating your house. Operating simultaneously, these features allow your plumbing system to function properly and efficiently.
    Toilet trap diagram


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